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We can help evolve your creative idea or enhance an existing concept. Our speciality is taking ideas with creative constraints and finding unique stories to tell within those parameters. We understand that flexibility is key!


We have full post production capabilities. We work with a wide range of editors located around the world and can arrange an edit schedule that is tailored to your needs. Supervised sessions can be arranged. 


We can provide guideline budgets for projects as well as line by line breakdowns depending on your need. We use detailed Google Sheets budgets for transparancy on small projects and Movie Magic Budgeting on larger projects. 


We love to use graphics and animation to help tell stories. WeMake specializes in unique ways to incorporate beautiful design to help your project stand out. 


Our services cover everything necessary to produce your project from insurance to hiring crew to payroll (union and guild signatory when necessary) to all equipment rental and permitting needs.


Original music can truly uplift a project and take it to the next level. We can provide custom music when desired and also work with stock music to help tailor it for your specific project. 

We partner with WeMake Studios for all Post Production work. 
This allows us to provide a one stop shop for clients with included access to full post production capabilities. 

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