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Ashley Bearden, founder of Do Good Films, is a New York and Los Angeles based producer and director with over 15 years experience in film, television and digital media.


Focused on impact entertainment, Ashley has made it a priority to seek out projects that tell stories about culture, community and identity through a nontraditional lens.


Her most recent project is the creation of The Activist Collab, a virtual community center for young activists. A love for stories focusing on the innovation of young people inspired this project as a way to learn how to better create valuable series and social media content for youth motivated by social change


During the height of the pandemic, she produced a series for NBC's Think called Positive Spin. And before that spent three years producing series for Vox Media including Consider It and the award-winning Divided States of Women with Liz Plank.  In 2017 she was proud to produce the Emmy-winning digital series - Return to Catalunya with Anthony Bourdain for CNN.


She has worked as the Head of Production for both The Onion and Lorne Michaels' digital company, Above Average. Additionally, her production experience includes projects such as Lost in Translation, The Sopranos, Reading Rainbow and Killing Them Softly as well as multiple projects for HBO, Amazon, Sony Pictures and PBS. 


In 2016 she started her production company, Do Good Films, as a way to use her production skills to help nonprofits share their stories through film. Do Good Films has produced films for small organizations with big missions in Ghana, Kenya, Vietnam, South Africa and Zambia.

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